The Memories and Tributes team are specialists in the design and production of quality funeral personalisation options.  Each of our options has been designed to create a strong visual presence at the funeral service.  A presence that is expressive of the unique qualities of the deceased, and the unique place they hold in your life.

This website aims to assist you by providing information about the many personalisation options available from Memories & Tributes.  Whether it is a Liturgy Booklet, Order of Service, Thank-you cards or a Celebrated Moments Audio Visual Presentation, we are happy to work with you to best celebrate the life of the person who has died.

Memories & Tributes personalisation options provide special moments of reflection within the funeral ceremony. Afterwards, they also provide family and mourners with an appropriate keepsake that celebrates the life of the deceased.

If you would like to discuss any of the options presented on this website, please call (03) 9354 4178 and speak with one of our Memories & Tributes consultants. They will guide you through the process of producing professionally designed Tributes and stationery for funeral services.