Mother's Day 2019

By: James MacLeod - Managing Director, Tobin Brothers Funerals
Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Mother’s Day is one of the most marvellous days of the year.   Sadly it took me a long time to realise that and since 1997 which was the last Mother’s Day I celebrated with my dear Mum, Mother’s Day for me has become both a sad and challenging day.   My Mum died a week following Mother’s Day on Sunday 19th May 1997.  In fact Mother’s Day was the last day she was conscious.  I can acutely remember reading my Mum’s Mother’s Day card to her.  It was bloody tough reading those words to her and I vividly remember tears rolling down my face, my voice shaking and my Mum stating that you always write such beautiful words Jamie (as she would often call me).

(Pictured: James, Terry & Norm MacLeod)

My mother had a unique ability to always see the best in people. My Mum would always focus on the positives in everyone and in everything.  She was also a woman of great character.   She had amazing inner strength she would take on leadership, hierarchy….this inner strength helped her confront cancer not once but twice.  She was no yes person, she certainly wasn’t any knock over.  I myself often thought my Mum had some very unique and different views.  As an adult I was to learn how very much ahead of time my dear Mum Tez was.

Both my Mum and Dad worked extremely hard all their lives and they both died far too young.  My Dad was 65 and my Mum was 67.  Together with my siblings Cathy, Peter, Liz and Norman (dec) they gave us great lives and instilled in us the importance of things that matter family, hard work, honesty, love and forgiveness. 

(Pictured: seated – Terry, Norm & James, laying – Peter & Liz, standing - Cathy)

To all those that have their Mums out there this Mother’s Day, celebrate them, embrace them, tell them how much they mean to you, make them feel as special as you possibly can on this day.  In particular I very much encourage you to #sayitnow.  Don’t wait till it’s a week out from your mother’s death as I did. Many told me I wrote and delivered a world class eulogy for my Mum….the best eulogy you can deliver is whilst your mum is alive and #sayitnow.  

I certainly am encouraging my children to celebrate their Mum Louise this Mother’s Day, she sure does deserve nothing less. 

Those of you who have lost your Mum know it can be both a sad and tough day, I get that.   I have those feelings each and every year and they are real. Talk about your Mum, tell your family and friends about them and what they mean to you… That way they continue to live on. Whilst we do not have the physical presence of our Mum we have memories and no one can take them from us.

On Sunday, I will be sure to be raising a glass to my Mum and all the Mums, we wouldn’t be here without them… they say our Mum is the only person who carried us for 9 months in her belly, 3 years in her arms and forever in her heart.

Happy Mother’s Day one and all.

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