A Day in the Life of a Funeral Planner

By: Matt Weedon – Tobin Brothers Funerals
Monday, September 15, 2014

The Day in the Life of Series, produced by Tobin Brothers Funerals, are unique documentaries that takes a behind the scenes look at our company, where you’ll meet real people with real stories to tell about their very specialised work. Along the way they will help dispel and demystify some of the misinformation associated with the funeral industry.

We’ll be presenting a new episode each week through our Facebook site, the first of which is Melissa Laird, a Funeral Planner and Branch Manager at the East Burwood Tobin Brothers Funerals chapel. She shows how arranging a funeral is a very time sensitive and onerous responsibility, which sometimes requires her to become a mediator, adviser, confidant and consultant to the families she serves.

Other episodes of this series including a Funeral Directors Assistant, an Embalmer, Funeral Communications Centre and Funeral Personalisation Designers (Memories and Tributes) can be found on our Youtube site:


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